Phoenix Pest Control

Phoenix pest control offers commercial and residential pest control treatment for ants, scorpions, phoenix bed bugs, termites and rodents. Those rodents include roaches, pigeons, gophers, killer bees, mice, rats, and spiders.

Residential Pest Control

These pest control companies are certified and insured. They have been serving Phoenix metro homeowners for many years. Pest control companies are the best solution for all of your pest control needs. Your residence can be an ideal nesting place for common pests. These pests include birds, bees, bed bugs, and scorpions. They prefer to live in areas such as subfloors, chimneys, attics, or within the walls of your home. Your property can be dama8268-termite-control-spraying-pesticidesged from these pests as well. A variety of serious health issues can be exposed to your family as well. Their experienced and skilled pest technicians will use a variety of techniques to control and/or eliminate your residential pest issue. Here is what these companies provide:

* Competitive prices – rates on all services

* Thorough pest inspections

* 24 hour emergency service

* Prompt service schedules at your convenience

* Skilled, experience professionals

Commercial Pest Control

Most of these companies will perform a thorough inspection of your facility. They will also provide you with a recommended integrated pest management program. Your business hours will be worked around to insure convenient and discreet service. They also offer a wide variety of options including odorless pesticides. All types of commercial pests are handled. These pests include spiders, scorpions, ants, bees, bed bugs, birds, mice, rats, and other rodents.

Pesticides that are registered and approved by regulatory government agencies are used by most of these companies. Trained and uniformed service technicians perform these pest management services. Free inspections are given with each visit. Special recommendations are received as well. Here is what they provide services for:

* Commercial buildings

* Hospitality and hotel industry

* Homeowners associations

* Multi-family properties

* Assisted living and hospitals

* Food service

Termite Controltermite-11

Termites eat wood from the homes that are built. They can cause a lot of structural damage to a home or residence if immediate action is not taken. These pest control companies provide efficient and affordable termite inspections and treatment services. These services can help minimize or prevent costly damage to your home or residence.